Our business has received hundreds of two-way radio service calls over the years. While it is often necessary to consult a two-way radio service provider to resolve these issues, there are many problems that can be solved just by taking steps to diagnose and trouble shoot. And there are many maintenance routines that prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

在这一页上, we describe the most common problems that users face with two-way radios, 以及你可以采取的解决和预防问题的步骤.


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Inconsistent and poor sound quality across multiple units within the same area may be a sign that the system is contributing to the problem. 在这种情况下, make sure to contact your two-way radio service provider to have the issue diagnosed and addressed.

If multiple handsets are on a channel and only one radio experiences poor quality, 它可能是特定的单位,而不是整个系统. 在这种情况下,首先检查以下内容: 


  • 它是PTT (Push To Talk)吗??
  • 插头插好了吗??


  • For mobile radios: Check under the hood using a volt meter: Do you have 12 volts of power? 你有地面力量吗?
  • 所有设备都连接好了吗?设备看起来完好无损吗?



  • 对于移动无线电:天线是否紧固到车辆的车顶?
  • 它连着收音机吗?
  • 从触点到天线的路径是否畅通?
  • 天线鞭下的区域是否没有腐蚀?



  • 收音机在正确的频道吗?
  • 所有员工在联系时是否都使用正确的渠道?



  • 机器的音量开大了吗? (你会很惊讶.)



  • 扬声器连上收音机了吗?



  • 电池充满了吗? 你可以在现场用电压表检查电池寿命.
  • 电池是否正确和牢固? 
  • 电池没电了吗?? 检查的日期.




供参考的目的, 下面的详细步骤参考部分, 特性, 以及摩托罗拉CP200d和XPR3500便携式收音机的功能. For helpful visuals and more details, check out the step-by-step video below.


1. 故障的天线

Radios can malfunction if the antenna is loose, or if it's the wrong type, or installed incorrectly.

Start by removing the antenna by turning in a counterclockwise direction. 看 确保你有正确的天线类型 你的收音机-标准鞭状天线, 哪一种是细长的, 或者是粗短的天线, 它要短得多. The antenna will have either a pin or a flat connector; look at the connector base on the radio and make sure it's the correct shape to fit the connector, 销或平. Also look at the antenna and see whether it has "UHF" or "VHF printed on it. 请看收音机标签上的型号, and check the documentation for that radio to see if you should be using it on the UHF or VHF frequency band; make sure you have the appropriate type of antenna for that frequency band. 如果你的天线类型正确, reinstall it by turning it in a clockwise direction and turn the radio back on. 

2. 电池诊断

更换你的双向无线电电池 经常解决问题. 这些电池通常可以持续使用 18到24个月之间 根据使用量而定. You can check the manufacturer's date of your battery by first removing it from the radio and checking the four digit number located on the back of the battery next to the bar code; the first two numbers indicate the year and the second two numbers indicate the week. 如果面糊超过24个月,更换它.

如果你的收音机有显示屏, you can check its battery life as indicated on the top left corner of the screen. 如果没有显示的话, 打开收音机的时候, 你可以听到收音机发出的两声哔哔声. 这是电池电量不足的指示.

你也可以检查收音机充电器上的LED指示灯. 如果你的收音机好像开不了, 把它安全地放在充电器里, making sure the contacts of the battery align with the contacts of the charger. Look at the LED light and note what colors are displaying and in what pattern. Check this against the documentation provided with your radio to see what issue is occurring; the video above includes the indicator light chart for the Motorola CP200d and XPR3500. For example, if the light flashes between red and green, the battery's reaching the end of its live.

It can be helpful to try a battery swap: take a battery from a functioning radio of the same type, 把它插进坏掉的收音机里. 如果这解决了问题,改变是你需要一个新的电池.

如果你有应急无线电的话, check their batteries on a monthly basis to make sure they're charged and the radios are working properly.


3. 双向无线电附件修理

双向 摩托罗拉无线电配件 是无线电用户进行离散通信的好方法吗, 尤其是在嘈杂的环境中. If accessories such as remote speaker mics or two-way surveillance kits are not working properly, 第一次尝试 关掉收音机. 拆下附件,把它装好,然后打开收音机. (总是遵循这些步骤时,附加附件.) Does the radio register the accessory on its display when it's attached?

试着关掉收音机, 删除附件, and cleaning the contacts on the radio with a pencil eraser to take off any residue. After cleaning, with the radio still off, reattach the accessory and turn the radio back on. 如果这不能解决问题, try turning off the radio and swapping in a new accessory — if that one registers, 那很可能是配件本身出了故障. 


Sometimes users face problems with two-way radios that are caused not by the device, 而是取决于它是如何被使用的——或滥用的.

正确使用无线电将解决许多问题. 收音机应该是直观的, 但它们确实需要训练, 不只是一次,而是在持续的基础上.

Pass along these radio best practices and see how many radio “problems” disappear:

  • 说话时,把双向收音机放在离嘴两英寸的地方.
  • 说话时音量要调大,确保别人都能听到你的意思.
  • Press firmly on the PTT button until done speaking to guarantee messages are fully transmitted.



Proper maintenance and storage can reduce the chances of damage to two-way radios, 让它们尽可能地持续. Daily maintenance of the handset as well as good battery practices can also indirectly help with sound quality.

有了这些提示,双向无线电维护, your communication will continue seamlessly for the estimated five to seven years that your radios are expected to last.

  • 充电时关掉收音机.
  • 用超细纤维布和少量水清洁收音机. The cloth’s soft texture will wipe away dirt and smudges without damaging the unit. For more stubborn stains and marks, use a damp cloth and wipe until radios are clean.
  • 不要抓住收音机的天线. Consistently using the antenna as a handle will eventually affect transmission and reception.
  • 请使用与设备兼容的电池和充电器. 一旦你确定了配件设计和指定为你的单位, 保持干燥,只在需要时充电. 过度充电会降低电池的使用寿命.

  • 储存前请关掉收音机并取出电池.
  • 不将收音机或电池储存在主动充电器中. 
  • Store equipment in a dry and cool space with limited exposure to extreme weather conditions, 比如过热或过冷, 以及阳光和水的各种元素.
  • 将收音机和电池组储存在室温72°F.



如果您已经尝试了上面的故障排除步骤, 你确定你的小队没有使用无线电吗, 是时候做出决定了.

虽然技术在改变, 双向无线电服务提供商 like Chicago Communications are equipped with the latest in technology to meet whatever challenge is thrown at us.

From basic analog radio systems to the most advanced P25 公共安全 systems, 我们监控并响应服务中断. We also consult on equipment with our contracts department to see whether it makes sense to put equipment on a contract or actively seek replacement because of age or parts issues.

联系 Chicago Communications to request two way radio service for your facility.



FREE DOWNLOAD: 双向无线电维护和故障排除的顶级提示


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